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What is a Dockominium?

A Dockominium is Real Estate. A Home for Your Yacht. It is bought and sold just like any other property.

The day to day Operations of a Dockominium Marina is handled through a Slip Owners association. You pay a monthly fee to cover insurance, water, maintenance, etc. All costs of ownership are shared among owners. Electric service from FPL. No restrictions on rentals.

Dockominium Ownership has never been a better opportunity with TODAY'S "Established Values". The values are driven by the fear there would be "No Boat Slips" left. The fact is, nothing has changed. There is a limited number of slips in Palm Beach County, and adding more is going to be very limited, and expensive, for generations to come.

Dockominiums can also be used in 1031 exchanges with rental property, ask us how

A Hurricane Safe Facility

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